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I’m such a liar!

I have been forced to lie, prevaricate and otherwise conceal the truth for the last three weeks or so, ever since I found out that I had, indeed, won the award I was shortlisted for. Just in case you’ve forgotten, … Continue reading

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Out of the glass coffin!

This is such great news! Enchanted Conversation isn’t going to disappear after all! I’m very happy about this – it’s one of my favourite sites on the web, and a market that I like to write for. Fairy tales, riffs … Continue reading

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My first writers’ conference

Yesterday I went with two other members of my writers’ group to Elliot Lake, a town about an hour and a half east and north of Thessalon, for their first writers’ conference. There were two workshops, one on memoir writing … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle again

It’s been over a week since my last post. Wild Ginger was great, but I’m glad to be back, glad to be able to get on line again and back to blogging. There’s so much to write about witch camp. … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!

All right, I’m jumping the gun just a tad, but it was June 16, 2010 that I posted my first blog entry, “The technophobe starts a blog”. In the year since then, I’ve gone from being a full-blown techno-idiot to … Continue reading

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Poetry – occasionally

The phrase “occasional poetry” is not one I’ve heard often. I found it this week in a contest run by The New Quarterly It turns out that I’ve been an occasional poet all my life, by which I don’t mean … Continue reading

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Penguin reducks – um, redux

This morning I logged onto Zoetrope (to which you can find a link under Ampersand’s Writing Sites) to find that one of the members had posted a link to a novel contest, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Lo and behold, … Continue reading

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She shoots, she misses, she misses, she misses…

…but then – SHE SCORES! Hooray! I resist goal-setting. I think it’s part of my self-image as an artist. You know; artists are disorganised, they’re random, they don’t do things the way other people do, blah, blah, blah. This January, … Continue reading

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