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Why we write

One of the perks of the writing binge is getting to spend time with writers. Sometimes we even have time to talk. On Monday Angie, Pauline and I sat on the front porch in the lovely Labour Day weather and … Continue reading

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Don’t scare the computer!

Kurt Vonnegut never succumbed to the word processor and the internet. To the end of his days he wrote longhand and mailed his submissions by dropping them into the corner postbox instead of his email server. Well, not all of … Continue reading

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We may not need no steenkin’ rulez – but we like ’em

Is there a writer anywhere who doesn’t have some rule or rules for writing? I have a few. Elmore Leonard has a famous list of rules, and so does Kurt Vonnegut. More recently Neil Gaiman, one of my favourite writers, … Continue reading

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