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All grist to the mill

Happy New Year, all. I hope 2014 is full of good times and satisfying work, not to mention frequent dates with the Muse, and random inspiration. I’ve had a round of random inspiration already. On January 2nd my sister Carla … Continue reading

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How I didn’t cope

I’ve had some ups and downs with internet, phone and so on, plus a changing work schedule over the last couple of weeks, so I’ve been extremely irregular about the blog. A lot of things have happened in my writing … Continue reading

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That was a week!

It’s been an incredible week. My cheque arrived, and I got all shaky and fluttery all over again. The feeling that I don’t have to worry about living expenses while I complete this novel is unfamiliar to me. I’m having … Continue reading

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Weather today: inspiration sleeting through the universe

To paraphrase Terry Pratchett: “Inspiration sleets through the universe looking for a receptive mind.” Just because I have a capital-P Project in hand, one to which I want to devote all my writing time and energy, it seems more of … Continue reading

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The commonplace book

A commonplace book is a book wherein you write bits of prose, poetry or overheard stuff that you want to remember. I keep a commonplace book, and have for some years now. I believe I’m on volume five. I’d never … Continue reading

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