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A matter of overstatement

I have a little online office on Zoetrope called Mission Submission, where the focus is on paying publications and paying contests. I did this because I ruffled a few feathers with my attitude towards pay for writers, and writing for … Continue reading

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Flex time

I’ve been thinking about flexibility lately, for several reasons. One is I need to stretch my back and keep my joints mobile. I’m beginning to stiffen up. Another is that this past week I got one of the very best … Continue reading

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Penguin reducks – um, redux

This morning I logged onto Zoetrope (to which you can find a link under Ampersand’s Writing Sites) to find that one of the members had posted a link to a novel contest, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Lo and behold, … Continue reading

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The old technology still works

On Zoetrope last week a few of us were griping about stories lost when computers crashed, or flash drives suddenly stopped flashing. It took me back almost twenty years to my first computer, a second-hand Commodore 64, on which I … Continue reading

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The myth of the lonely writer

At 1:22 this morning – but who was checking? – I finished the second draft of The Swan Harp. Thanks to the feedback from my readers I added another subplot, which added another forty pages, and the story is much … Continue reading

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Take this novel and…

…rewrite it in 600 words. No, I’m not kidding. That is, apparently, more or less how you do a synopsis. Penguin doesn’t want to see the whole manuscript; all they want is a pitch letter and synopsis. “All” – ha! … Continue reading

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Ampersand on yoga

Quotes on writing stick in my head much the way dictionaries stick to my fingers. One I really like is “Writing is a yoga – you become a writer by writing.” Yoga is about moving and stretching. Ampersand knows all … Continue reading

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